The DaPonte String Quartet

Photo: Alex Torres


Lydia Forbes

Photo: Alex Torres

Fortepianist Martin Perry, violinist Lydia Forbes, and Myles Jordan together also offer acclaimed programs of Classical fortepiano trios, music written by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and their contemporaries.

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Martin Perry
Martin Perry

Myles Jordan plays regularly with a small circle of excellent musicians, including the DaPonte String Quartet and pianists Martin Perry and Irina Nuzova.  Outside the Quartet he gives recitals of music written between the early Baroque and the early Romantic, played upon original instruments.  Typical fortepiano duo recital programs include all the music for keyboard and cello by Beethoven, works by Boccherini, Chopin, Schumann, and Mendelssohn, up to early Brahms.  These are done on a late-eighteenth century Neapolitan cello and wooden-framed fortepianos built by Rod Regier of Freeport, Maine.

Baroque programs, which include the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, fall into three categories: the six solo suites for cello, the three Bach viola da gamba sonatas with harpsichord, and three seldom-heard sonatas for violin and continuo.   For the violin sonatas Jordan performs as sole accompanist to DaPonte Quartet violinist Lydia Forbes.  The instrument Jordan uses for Bach is a copy of an early seventeenth-century Brothers Amati violoncello piccolo with five strings, on which he reconstructs full continuo realizations.  With this work Jordan revives an art considered dead for the past two hundred years (approximately since the death of the English cellist Lindley, a friend of Mozart’s).  The same violoncello piccolo also balances beautifully with harpsichord for Baroque-period duo sonatas.

Myles Jordan gives recitals and spoken presentations on the Bach Suites worldwide. He also teaches the cello privately.