From James Mannheim in "The All Music Guide":

"Pity the listener who relies on the perfectly ordinary cover of this disc of Bach cello suites and picks it up -- or orders it after seeing a thumbnail photo on the Internet -- expecting a conventional recording of these famous pieces for solo cello. It is anything but. Baroque cellist Myles Jordan, a member of the DaPonte String Quartet, gets you closer to the heart of the matter on the back cover, promising "A New Interpretation Based on Early Sources." Even that doesn't quite cover it. Jordan virtually discards the vision of the cello suites that has come down to modern cellists from, as he quite rightly points out, Pablo Casals..." Read more.


Laurence Vittes in "Gramophone Magazine", January, 2009:

"These unique performances bear the weight of the interpretive approach on which they're based. There's a sense that Myles Jordan, cellist of the DaPonte String Quartet, has experienced an illuminating spiritual crisis in which he forged the music as it came to him..."Read more.